18 04 19
toilet unblocking

Blocking of a toilet drain might be the dirtiest thing happened in some one’s life and toilet unblocking  can be the dirtiest, smelliest and most unglamorous job ever. Though some basic caring tips can ensure one not facing this kind of experience, this is a genuine possibility that all that sludge or mud can slowly gather in the drain pipe blocking it one day completely to cause the ultimate frustration in one’s life. However, some cool minded decision can be handy to avoid any further damage to the pipes causing water seepage through to the walls making a well constructed and painted house look like an anciently constructed tomb. Technology has eased the life of mankind providing friendly solutions in every field and as described earlier, any act followed by a mere guess in this problem can lead to a disaster. Using suction pumps can be a straight forward, cheap and safe solution but they might not work in some situations as well.

Therefore, reaching the “root cause” of the problem can save a lot of time and effort. CCTV drain inspection can help the plumbers to locate where exactly the blockage is existing making it quicker for them to offer a solution to homeowners. It can also be used before buying a new home to check the status of sewerage to avoid any mess right after shifting to the new home. It is also cheaper because unlike traditional ways, it does not require any digging or damage to the existing setup. Instead, a camera is just sent along the pipe and plumber can see with his own eyes to accurately locate the fault. Therefore, this technique is widely being adopted across the world by sewerage solution providers because it helps to find a block quickly saving a lot of time by putting in immediate relevant solution.

Some home remedies for toilet unblocking might also be used in case of an emergency making one unable to wait for a professional plumber with the camera. For example, unwinding a wire coat hanger and using it gently along the drain pipe can work well if the blockage is small. However, missing the trick just by an inch and using the wire hardly can scratch the pipe or even damage it which will lead to a complete renovation. Therefore, it is permissible to contact a drain company if do it yourself techniques are not proving out to be helpful.