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Many bathrooms are overwhelmed by the shower curtain, since it’s typically a large mass of color against one wall. You can improve the appearance of your bathroom by giving your shower curtain a little more style. Sure, you could buy a fancy, expensive shower curtain along with window awnings in sunshine coast, but why not follow the tips below to create your own little masterpiece that is totally unique.

Add Fabric

Find a fabric you love at your local craft store and decide on a pattern for your new shower curtain. You can go with stripes, dots, shapes, almost anything you can cut out. Use fusible bonding to attach the fabric to your shower curtain. Simple stripes on a waffle weave shower curtain are easy to apply and by following the waffle lines they always stay straight.

If you just want a simple splash of color, try using a table runner, a bit of lace or a sturdy piece of fabric across the top of the shower curtain. You’ll need a grommet kit to make the table runner look finished and to ensure you don’t get frayed fabric or runs. Line the runner up with the curtain and mark where the grommets will be placed. Make sure you buy grommets that are large enough for your curtain rod or your curtain hooks.

Strings of Things

If you’re not a sewer, then hang your decorative strings in a vertical fashion. If you’re pretty good with a needle and thread, go ahead and try a vertical or creative pattern. String up whatever item you’d like to decorate your  curtain with, try shells, beads, dried flowers, colored pieces of children’s craft foam, whatever strikes your fancy. With vertical strands you let gravity do most of the work, but sew your strands at the top, bottom and a couple places in between. With other strands you’ll have to tack the strand down more often, if not continuously.

Paint it Pretty

Fabric shower curtains are best here, as plastic ones will crack and peel. Find some fabric paint at your local craft store and let your inner artist come through. Or let your kids go wild and create their own massive piece of artwork.

Image is Everything

Another really great way to decorate a plain vinyl shower curtain is by adding your favorite images. You truly can select any images, from seed packages to family photos. Purchase some clear laminating sheets and place them over your images on the shower curtain. If you want to make snapshots seem more finished add photo corners or scrapbooking details before sealing them under the laminate paper.

Changing your shower curtain is is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your bathroom a whole new look. And don’t forget to try your hand at decorating the curtain hooks as well. By creating your own masterpiece you’re certain to have a personalized look that no one else has.