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The use of blinds is a traditional style that can look extremely effective in any room, and with more and more different styles of blinds to choose from, homeowners can get a design that will complement the room and update it to a more modern style. Rather than choosing curtains, you can get window blinds thatwill look fantastic and will define the style of the room they are in.

As there are so many varieties of blinds available, you can feel free to choose a number of options in order to benefit each individual room. From basic slats to striking modern patterns, you can get exactly what you want when you think about the design of Gold Coast blinds.

Classic Venetian Blinds

Where you want a high level of light control, and also want to be able to match your blinds to the interior of the room, classic Venetian blinds can provide a clear answer. Wooden blinds are the perfect way to increase the control of light, and they are also ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, as they can withstand the extra damp in this kind of environments. Choosing wooden Venetian blinds will help to discourage mould, and prevent other damage to the blinds. In other rooms, you could try metal or PVC slatted blinds, in a variety of different colours which will suit the colour scheme of the room.

Roller Blinds

A more modern look to the Venetian blinds, these are perfect in bedrooms and living rooms, since they allow you to control the light and to completely block it out when necessary. Roller blinds can be used to reduce light in conjunction with curtains, so that you can have the blinds down during the day, and then shut out the night using the curtains. On the other hand, you could use roller blinds in specific rooms, such as the bedroom, in order to block out early morning sunlight.

Roman Blinds

If you must have Gold Coast blinds that cover the entire window, then Roman blinds are the perfect tool. They can be folded away in order to allow light in, and create a very pleasing and eye-catching look, but can also be used to cover the whole window. This means they are perfect for children’s rooms, where it is necessary to provide complete darkness even in the middle of the day, and you get a great range of fabrics and materials to enhance the look of the room.