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Colour is a wonderful way of adding mood dynamics to your home. Just by creating a shade of a different colour to your living, dining, kitchen or bedroom, you may change your perspective of your home and add some interesting emotions to your own moods.

Escapism and Serenity

If distance and relaxation is what you are looking for – add a large splash of blue to your living room, or whichever room you enjoy spending time unwinding. Blue gives the effect of sheer vastness since it represents water and the blue sky. The colour blue will take your mind of problems that have been bugging you. Try hanging a piece of abstract art that is predominantly blue in colour to your relaxation room or replace your old curtains with a sky-blue fabric. Color scheming is part of the renovations in Ballito that put lasting impression.

Freshness and Regeneration

Do you need to drench yourself in hope? If everything around you seems so mundane and you feel you are stuck just by going through the motions day in day out – add a dimension of green to your home. This will help you feel refreshed and energetic to try new things; it will help you grab whole of the general feeling of lethary and will allow you to pick yourself up and start again. Leafy plants can help decorate the home – add them to those unusual nooks and corners. Decorate your mini library with small pots of water-based plants. In the kitchen or the dining area, a bowl of granny smiths will help you feel regenerated to making meals for the family – repetitive recipes can become boring – a tinge of green with encourage you to try new things.

Vitality and Optimism

If you are feeling down and a little depressed thinking about your workload at the office or the inconsiderate driver on the road, add shades of yellow to your home decorate. This helps you feel optimistic and instigates vitality into your routine – it helps you shift your attention away from negative thoughts. Change your cushion covers to yellow covers to brighten up your living room. Your dining area could do with yellow candles of hope. Yellow picture frames work well too – as pictures are memories of happier times.

Passion and Energy

Who does not need a dose of passion and energy? Red is all that is romantic and heart-churning. A splurge of energy and passion lets you try something different, adventurous and daring. It also lets your inhibitions fade and your true feelings show. Red roses in the bedroom, a deep red bedspread, a red rug in the kitchen, red book-ends in your reading enclave –will all instill passion in your daily activities.

Imagination and Creativity

The colour purple has alot to do with uniqueness and the need to be creative. It also represents mystery. Purple accents add an air of secrecy and surprises to the home. It is an extremely unique colour though, making it difficult to decipher. Therefore, only a few purple trinkets around the home will curb the overwhelming presence of purple. A purple vase will suit the mystery of mealtime in the dining room. Purple flowers add surprises to the living room. Purple pillows invoke passion in the bedroom. String large purplish red onions together and hang them from the kitchen cabinets – pottering around in the kitchen will