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The use of a wall mounted counter top with a vessel sink is popular in modern bathroom design. The clean lines and open look can do a lot to open the feel of the room and visually enlarge the space. The only potential drawback to this design is the lack of bathroom vanity storage. Consider the use of a modular, contemporary bathroom cabinet to maximize the bathroom’s storage potential. Also you can look at the requirement of Bathroom Accessories in Richmond.

Rolling Modern Vanities

One way to maximize the storage in a modern bathroom while not impeding on the design, is to use a rolling storage cabinet. Rolling bathroom storage furniture pieces are kept below the counter of the sink, but can be moved to other areas of the room, or from side to side under the sink.

The benefit of this type of storage is the ability to customize the bathroom with multiple cabinets that can be brought to wherever they are needed, such as next to a soaking tub, and then tucked away when not in use. These small cabinets will typically show space completely around them, allowing the homeowner to keep the open, clean lined space of the original bathroom design.

Wall Hung Bathroom Storage Cabinets

If the bathroom design truly calls for open space beneath the sink counter, but storage is also necessary, consider the use of a wall hung bathroom storage cabinet. These cabinets are small, square in shape and design and can be hung beneath a wall hung counter typically to one side, allowing for the rest of the design to remain open.

The wall hung cabinets are typically no more than 18” – 20” square, allowing for the continuation of open space beneath the vanity, but with enough room for the storage of modern bathroom accessories. Large master bathrooms, with long vanity counters can make use of two wall hung cabinets, one at either end of the design with open space in the center.

Counter Toppers

Another way to gain storage in the bathroom, while maintaining the open and minimalist design of the modern bathroom is to use a counter topper cabinet. These tall, narrow cabinets sit directly on top of the counter, providing storage while the space below remains free.

Counter topper cabinets are usually no more than 15” in depth, to allow for the use of the counter in front of the cabinet. Widths and heights are usually more adjustable, allowing for a customized look.

Medicine cabinets, in-wall-niches and over-the-john cabinets are also ways to add storage and shelving space to the modern bathroom without hindering the open design. Consider the use of modern bathroom storage furniture to help keep the contemporary bathroom design both beautiful and functional.